The Art of Good Conversation

The truth is, there are people all around us, that have a lot of unanswered questions.

From my experience, I would say overwhelmingly, that most people I’ve talked to look at Christianity as being very restrictive, and many people feel they have to meet a certain criteria to be accepted by God.

  • Do I have all the answers? (No way!)
  • Does it sound to him like I do have all the answers? (Probably)
  • Is it hard for him to hear the truth of Jesus? (Absolutely! It can make you squirm hearing the truth as it puts a spotlight on lies)
  • Do I shy away from the truth? (No way!)
  • Can I help to diffuse any possible tension? (Yep! Relax, smile, and…)

People are hungry to know Jesus.



Passionate. Practical. I live my life with Jesus leading

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