How Do I Start a Conversation About God?

Morag Cheshire
2 min readSep 17, 2020
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Starting a conversation about God can be easier than you think. I’ve often had it said to me; “When I first met you, you didn’t stop talking about God”. At first, I was a little puzzled with those comments. I would have to try and recall how the conversation had unravelled, to try and understand why the person had come to that conclusion.

I soon came to realise that I had simply been sharing stories about my everyday life

God is part of my everyday life and I share stories with people I meet. Those people aren’t hand-picked or prayed over before I start, they are people that come across my path as I go about my day. I simply have friendly conversations with people and as I talk, I don’t exclude God from those conversations.

I simply share thoughts, stories, fun moments, memories, whatever springs to mind. It might be that a word or comment that someone says triggers something. I open my mouth and speak. When you make a habit of talking about your relationship with God it becomes very second nature. Things like;

  • What has God highlighted to you lately?
  • Is there anything God has spoken to you that you can share?
  • What has God said to you today?
  • What is God saying to you in the moment of your conversations with your friends; are you being reminded of something he has done, feeling prompted to say something?
  • What stories do you have about how God has worked in your life?

When I first started sharing these sorts of stories, I was probably a bit nervous and maybe embarrassed. I had this idea that because I was a Christian I was weird and irrelevant. It seemed that talking about Jesus was a taboo topic, but I quickly learned that many people want to talk about God if this happens in an engaging way. I got past that point of embarrassment because; I was in love with Jesus and I couldn’t hide it. I couldn’t live without God; he had done so much for me so I wanted the world to know. I don’t stop talking about Him 😉.

Go on, don’t be weird, give it a go!

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