Don’t Wait for a Missions Trip

The thrill of getting on a plane and heading off to a foreign land excites me now, but it never used to. To be honest there wasn’t much in me that ever wanted to travel, until God changed me that was!

So what happened? I’m a story girl, perhaps deep down we all are. A story of suspense and drama makes for some good reading (or a good movie), but to actually be in the story sometimes can be a different matter. There’s a tendency to want to jump to the end to see how it all ends. So here begins my story if you’re ready for a ride?

I used to miss my home, even after being away for a night. I don’t really know what it was that triggered those thoughts in me, but I noticed them often. I’d arrive at my destination and as soon as it came time to go to bed, all I wanted was to be back in my own place. I would talk to God about it and simply say, “can you help me, can you change me?”

I had made a commitment to follow Jesus, to give Him the driving seat and surrender myself to His direction. I had fallen in love with Him. But it wasn’t like there was a big bang or flash of lights and — boom — I was changed. No, it was gradual. I was being wooed to something more.

From the moment I had made that commitment, I started to see things differently, and the people around me differently as well.

If God could change me, He could certainly change the people around me.

I had been taken from darkness to light, and I wanted people around me to know that truth for themselves too. Not because I had it all together, far from it, I was a struggling mess at times — like a roller coaster ride that I wanted to jump from, (but I knew a jump from the ride would take me back into a much darker place).

The problem is when we miss the process, we basically start the roller coaster journey again.

So, I decided to pull the emergency stop, I couldn’t waste any more time on a circular roller coaster ride. I had to get on a ride that actually had a destination. That meant making some significant changes to my lifestyle so I was 100% surrendered to Jesus. I needed people with me on that journey, so here’s what I did;

I found a friend
The friend I picked was someone I decided to target. Sounds creepy I know, but her and I laugh at the process now. I honestly don’t think she wanted to spend that much time with me as I poured my heart out to her looking for some accountability. If we were ever talking in the car, most of the time I could see her hand slowly move to the door handle, ready to escape and get out!

But I saw a kindness in my friend, and whether she knew how to disciple me or not, I was going to be open and go along with the process. I was hearing from God, He was showing me what I needed to do, but I just needed a friend alongside me to cheer me on. In the end it was mutual and we both grew in our faith. We’ve now ended up besties, where even though distance and years of not being around each other, the deep heart connection and friendship remains.

I told my story and built connections
I’d had enough of trying to look like I had it all together, because the truth is, I was struggling. Not with everything; I had success in many areas, but to focus only on success is a lie.

We’ve all got weak points, we all have struggles, and we all respond to those struggles in different ways. So I brought everyone along the journey with me, (and by that I mean everyone). Because what did I have to hide? And what did I have to lose?

If the book of my life was not open, how could people read it?

That means that a lot of people know my stories, all to varying degrees. Some people aren’t interested in the whole book, and hey, that’s ok! We can’t connect with everyone on a deep level, but are our true titles showing?

There’s nothing worse than opening up a book with an exciting title and cover, only to find a whole lot of nothing inside…

I wanted real, and people wanted real. So as I connected with real, all sorts of exciting things started happening. People started being real with me, opening up in ways they would never open up. How did I know that? They used to tell me! Life was getting exciting.

So what does all this have to do with missions?
The constant wooing of my heart, in love with Jesus, and wanting to spread the news of that, had caused a longing. My heart had started yearning for more more! I’d find myself dreaming of going to foreign lands to reach more people with the good news — but what was I thinking!? I couldn’t even leave home for a night! Or could I?

Without even realising what I had done, it suddenly dawned on me. During the renovation of my home, I was staying with a friend and literally living out of a suitcase for weeks — and I hadn’t even missed my home!

God had changed my heart, he had removed my unfounded fear and had set me on fire with a passion to share Him.

I would come alive as I heard reports of people coming to know Jesus. My mind and my heart started dreaming. I saw people, I saw nations, and I had started to cry for those nations.

It didn’t take a missions trip to spark my love for the nations, in fact it was the total opposite. In taking the small, sometimes very wobbly, but faithful day by day steps with Jesus, I had searched for more, I had shared my story, and people had come to know Jesus along the way.

I had pushed forward expecting change, not waiting, but moving — little by little, and sharing my journey along the way!

It wasn’t the longing for missions that changed me, it was God that expanded my heart for the nations as I fell in love with Him. Since then I’ve travelled to many nations, I’ve personally lead hundreds of people to Jesus; corporately with others that I’ve gone together with, it’s been thousands of people that have come to know Jesus personally. My heart beats for the nations to come to know Jesus.

Missions trips are great, but don’t wait for a missions trip! God wants to use you today, right now, right where you are!

What has God put in front of you now? What is He wooing you into? Start sharing Him right where you are, and He will lead you into places you previously couldn’t even dream of.



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